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About Energy Resource, A Hocon Company

Energy Resource, A Hocon Company provides services for residential, commercial / industrial, builder, developer, as well as programs for associations and neighborhoods. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer knowledgeable support of our products, along with outstanding service, at competitive pricing. We also take pride in our unmatched approach to safety practices while providing superior customer service because as an Energy Resource, A Hocon Company customer, you deserve the best. You can be assured that our office, delivery personnel, licensed service technicians and sales personnel work will always meet or exceed the industry safety standards.

At Energy Resource, A Hocon Company, we are not just another propane supplier, we are your trusted neighbors and we want to earn your business. We are a locally operated company here to assist you with any propane or propane appliance need.

Become an Energy Resource, A Hocon Company customer and see what we have to offer and why we are different than the rest.

Why Choose Propane?

Propane is an extremely clean fuel. It emits minimal sulfur oxides and has ultra-low emissions of particulates, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds. With clean burning propane, the normal products of combustion are environmentally friendly H2O (water) and carbon dioxide (the same as we humans exhale as we breathe). It also burns much cleaner than gasoline, home heating oil, and diesel fuel. Since propane emits less carbon dioxide per BTU than gasoline, residential fuel oil, coal, kerosene, jet fuel, and diesel fuel when burned, propane is an excellent fuel for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Electricity produces twice as much carbon dioxide as propane per pound of fuel burned.

Propane supply is plentiful and dependable. 90% of the propane used in this country is produced in this country and the majority of the remainder is imported from a friendly country, Canada. This ensures that propane users can not be held hostage by unfriendly countries.

Propane's environmentally friendly traits have earned it a spot as an approved alternative clean fuel under the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

Also, propane is nontoxic and insoluble in water, offering minimal risks to aquifers, ground water supplies, and soil. Because it quickly vaporizes within a pressurized container and is released as a gas, it doesn't spill, pool, or leave a residue.

Propane creates less pollution, providing Americans with cleaner, more breathable air. With propane, you can feel good about protecting the environment for generations to come.

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