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Propane is the fuel of choice for commercial enterprises, from hotels and restaurants to schools, manufacturing plants, agriculture and more. Energy Resource, A Hocon Company offers comprehensive programs designed specifically for commercial operations. We offer automatic monitoring and delivery, competitive pricing, continuous deliveries and assistance and full NPGA/OSHA compliance at all times. Energy Resource, A Hocon Company’s commercial customers rely on us for safe, reliable, and efficient propane and services to power your business today and into the future.
  Commercial Advantages of ChoosingEnergy Resource, A Hocon Company:
  • Bulk tank installation
  • Above and below ground tanks
  • Gas piping and regulator service
  • Temporary heat
  • Safety and technical expertise
  • Cylinder delivery
  • Forklift cylinder refills
  10 Ways Energy Resource, A Hocon Company Propane Can Help Build Your Business:
    It’s a valuable energy option. In many locations, electricity is the default choice for heating and major appliances. By presenting propane as a more appealing option to your customers, you can give your business a competitive edge.
    It’s popular. In a Harris poll of people looking to build/remodel in areas beyond natural gas mains in the next 5 years, 83% say they feel good about the benefits of propane.
    It’s reliable. Currently, 90% of America’s propane supply is produced domestically making it far less prone to political instability. While storms, hot weather and rolling blackouts can wreak havoc with electrical service, propane is always on, always available.
    It’s liberating. With propane, your customers can have all the advantages of gas heating, cooking and appliances - without the constraints of living in more developed areas.
    It’s invisible. Today, you can offer customers durable underground tanks that are safe, environmentally approved and out of sight.
    It’s outdoor-ready. According to the American Institute of Architects, new home designs with at least one defined outdoor living area rose 15% from 2005 to 2006. Talk with your customers about the wide array of propane outdoor hearth and cooking products, pool and hot tub heaters, outdoor grills, deck heaters, lighting, and more.
    It’s innovative. You’ve probably heard of an electric bug zapper. Did you know that a propane mosquito eliminator is quieter, cleaner and able to protect a larger area? It’s just one of many examples of innovative ideas fueled by propane.
    It’s flexible home heat. While propane is a great choice for furnaces, it also fuels gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts and hearth stoves — all of which can be up to 100% energy efficient. Another cozy thought: propane hydronic floor heating systems.
    It’s low maintenance. Propane is sold and serviced by a national network of retailers in virtually every community, making it a premium, worry-free energy source for your customers.
    It’s professional grade. When you offer propane, you can take pride in knowing it delivers comfortable home heating, versatile cooking, efficient water heating and more. That higher level of performance can help distinguish your business.
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