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  To maintain the highest standards for qualified technical service, Energy Resource, A Hocon Company is committed to ongoing and up-to-date training for its gas service technicians. Safety and service go hand in hand.
Our Knowledgeable Sales and Service Departments Offer:
  • Automatic Delivery Schedule Available
  • Bulk and Cylinder Delivery
  • Experienced, Connecticut Licensed Technicians
  • Above and underground Tank Installation
  • Gas piping installations
  • Gas appliance installations and service
  • Hot water heater sales, installations and service
  • Gas generator sales and installations
  • Gas furnace and boilers sales, installations and service
  • Pool heater sales, installations and service
  • Propane Fill Stations and Dispensing Training
  • Home Builder Program
  • Temporary heat service
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Free GAS Check® (if scheduled within 60 days of becoming a new customer)
  Energy Resource, A Hocon Company Offers GAS Check® (Gas Appliance Systems Check):
    At Energy Resource, A Hocon Company, we believe that selling propane gas obligates us to service, safety, and dependability. We proudly offer GAS Check® as a service for you, our valued customers.
  Four Good Reasons Why You Should Have a GAS Check®:
  • Obtain a complete safety check of your propane system. We inspect your system and educate you about its safe operation.
  • Avoid possible and costly repair bills by catching problems early.
  • Discover improved efficiency and reduce your energy costs. An efficient system means you burn the least amount of fuel.
  • Extend the life of your system and equipment. A healthy, well maintained system will last longer and need fewer repairs.
The GAS Check® Safety Program is a voluntary program established by the National Propane Gas Association: it is the customer’s option whether or not to participate. Contact Energy Resource, A Hocon Company today to schedule your GAS Check®. It will reassure you that your propane system is reliable, safe and efficient. National Propane Gas Association
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